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Our Core Values

The ideals on which we base what we do as a church are:

  • We want to be Kingdom-minded in all we do as a church. God is doing something bigger than any one church. We seek to be leaders in bringing unity into the larger Body of Christ.
  • We want to create and maintain inviting environments. We want our facility to be physically attractive, safe, and “user friendly.” We want our people to be genuinely friendly and gracious, because when people matter to God, they matter to us.
  • We also desire to experience and extend grace in our relationships with others. We want both to give and receive mercy in our personal relationships and in our corporate community.
  • We want to be culturally relevant, using appropriate methods of communication so that the world can clearly understand God’s Word and message.
  • We also want to be doctrinally pure, never compromising the message for the sake of relevance.
  • We aim for excellence in all we do. We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people.
  • We want to function as a team in all our endeavors in ministry. We believe that teamwork best exemplifies God’s design for the accomplishment of His plans and purposes.
  • We want to function as a church from a gift-based system. In other words, we want leaders to lead, teachers to teach, helpers to help, etc.
  • We long to be a church that lives out a healthy balance between the best of both worlds in terms of Evangelical and Charismatic beliefs and practices.
  • We want joy to be a hallmark of our church. Our desire is that joy will be both authentic and contagious.
  • We want holiness to mark our lives as followers of Jesus Christ. We are committed to a lifestyle of honesty, integrity, and obedience.
  • We want humility and dependence upon God to be evident in anything we do. We want to be surrendered as His servants.