with Good Shepherd Church

Every day can’t be Easter - can it? Well, not in this natural, calendar/time driven world. In this world we get one Easter, one Christmas, one Groundhog Day, and one final round of The Masters. Thank God His world is much more than calendar driven. God’s world is Kingdom Driven. It’s Good News centered, and as a result we can experience the purpose and power of that first Easter morning every day!

In God’s world every day is a new beginning. Every day can have new meaning and hope. The key is looking for it in the right place. When you strip away all the wishful, misplaced thinking this crazy, chaotic, world offers as the places to find hope, you find that true hope is meant to be found in only one place - God, and His Son, Jesus.


You will experience creative elements through drama, music, and teaching from the Bible. We present Jesus’ Gospel in the best ways we know how and then simply try to create room for God’s Spirit to lead people to respond, whether that’s in saying yes to Jesus for the first time, reorienting their lives toward Jesus, or simply receiving prayer.


If you have information about our services or any general questions, please email us at mainoffice@gschurch.tv.