Arts and crafts.  Games.  Laughter.  Bible stories.  Sun.  Snacks.  More games.  Volunteers.  And, of course, kids! It can only mean one thing…GO BIG! Good Shepherd wants to invite your kids to a week-long neighborhood celebration of fun and games. This community vacation bible school is a great opportunity to get to know other kids in the Loveland area in a relaxed environment.  Hosted by family members in the community at homes and parks, GO BIG will be four days of arts and crafts, snacks, and Bible stories that your kids will remember for their whole lives. Want to get involved with GO BIG? Here are a couple ways to participate! 1. Parents: it’s never too late to register your kids!  Click HERE to RSVP for your kids now. 2. Volunteers: want to help?  We still need hosts, game/story leaders, activity prep, prayer, financial support, and more!  Check below for more details or contact Pastor Cheryl Wong or Jon Hummel to sign up to help now.


When is GO BIG happening? Monday, June 20 through Thursday, June 23.

How much does it cost? GO BIG is FREE!

Where is GO BIG happening?
This year, GO BIG is happening in homes and neighborhoods throughout Loveland. 

What cities or communities will host a GO BIG site?
That depends on you! Don’t see one offered in your neighborhood? Sign up to lead a GO BIG event in your home or surrounding neighborhood.

What does it mean to lead a GO BIG site?
Leading a VBS is simple!

Step #1 – Notify Jon Hummel of your interest and that your home or neighborhood would be a good place to hold GO BIG.

Step #2 – Obtain and fill out a GO BIG Site Leader Commitment and Site Application and Return them to our offices.

Step #3 – That’s it! We will start to build a team around your site and supply you all with training and the supplies and materials you’ll need to put on a GO BIG Family Outreach.

Can I sign up to serve at a GO BIG site?
Yes! Sign up to get involved with a GO BIG site happening in your neighborhood. There are a number of opportunities to volunteer: Help with registration, games, crafts, teaching, and more. Fill out the volunteer application today!

How do I register my kids? You can register by filling out the registration form. However, pre-registration no required for kids to attend. Simply bring your kids to one of the sites and the leaders will get them registered on the first day of GO BIG.  However, if you would like to pre-register them, fill out the registration form.

What is the age range of children who can come to GO BIG? Kids ages 5-12 years old are welcome to attend!

What about safety?
All leaders and volunteers for GO BIG will be screened and processed through a nationwide background check, just like we do with all of our year-round volunteers.

Can my entire family serve together?
Yes! This would be an incredible opportunity to serve as an entire family.  Allow GO BIG
to be your family’s service opportunity for this summer!

Still have questions and need more info?
For questions or more information, please contact Pastor Cheryl Wong or Jon Hummel.


Mary Blair Elementary School

9:00-11:00 a.m.

Stansberry Elementary School

6:00-8:00 p.m.

Garden Gate Neighborhood

6:00-8:00 p.m.

Centennial Elementary School

6:00-8:00 p.m.

More Volunteer Host Sites Welcome!

We’d love to have more host sites for this year’s GO BIG!  Please contact Pastor Cheryl Wong orJon Hummel to learn more about becoming a host.

GO BIG is something that all of GSC plays a part in!  In fact, this week quite literally wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for people stepping in and offering their time, resources, and gifts.  You don’t need to have a seminary degree or a background in early education.  You just need to love Jesus, love your city, and have a longing to see the Gospel transform the lives of the kids and families in your neighborhood.  There are a variety of different ways to get involved with GO BIG:
Volunteer at a Site
Site Leaders cannot lead GO BIG by themselves! Volunteer at a site in your neighborhood by leading large group storytelling, small group discussion, crafts, games, or worship. Fill out the online application and visit our site list and find a location near you!
Mandatory Volunteer Training
Sunday, June 12, 11-2 p.m.
Sponsor a Kid
It costs about $30 per kid to pull off GO BIG in different sites around our city. As more than 75% of the kids attending are un-churched, we certainly don’t want to ask them to pay to hear about Jesus. You can financially support this year’s GO BIG.
Spread the Word
If you’re out of town or unable to free your schedule up during GO BIG week, please also consider helping us spread the word about a GO BIG site in your neighborhood. Each site leader has printed invitations and promotional posters to invite the community into their GO BIG site. They would love to have you pass out invitations to families in your neighborhood or put up posters in local coffee shops, community centers, playgrounds, etc.
To join the marketing fun, find a site happening near you, contact the leader, and ask for some invitations and posters!
Find out more
If you have more questions regarding playing a part in GO BIG, check out our FAQs or email Pastor Cheryl Wong or Jon Hummel.