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Life Groups

Following Jesus isn’t easy. Thankfully, we don’t have to do it alone. A life group is a family of believers who are following Jesus together.

What does it look like for a group of people to follow Jesus together? It’s not as complicated as you might think. Jesus taught us to find life in three significant relationships:

  • Living UP as we love God
  • Living IN as we love one another
  • Living OUT as we love our neighbors

So, what will it look like when you show up at a Life Group? For starters, you’ll be meeting in someone’s home. Our Life Groups typically meet 2-3 times each month. Some weeks will focus on UP and IN, loving God and loving one another. Other weeks you will be going OUT to love your neighbors and serve your city.

Pursuing LIFE in the kingdom is always three dimensional. We find life in Christ. We find life in community, and we find life on mission. Being in a Life Group is that simple.

What about kids? Our Life Groups can and should include children. A parent’s primary responsibility is to help their children find LIFE in Christ and a Life Group is a great environment to make disciples of our kids. Yes, you may want to have some older teens watch the younger ones during some of the discussions, but including kids in meals, service projects, prayer and even Bible discussion is an important part of connecting our kids to community life.

To join a life group or learn more about leading a Life Group, please contact Pastor Bryan.

Life Group Study Questions

Dig deeper into Sunday’s message with Life Group Study Questions.