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Global Outreach

The goal of our global outreach efforts at Good Shepherd is “prayerfully helping to send out disciple-makers equipped with God’s power.” Those disciple-makers we send out will cross barriers of culture, language, and distance to establish and strengthen the Church in places beyond the normal sphere of influence of our members.

We take our role of providing for the missionaries and ministries we support very seriously and are committed to prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom in all that we do. Our primary function is to provide significant prayer and financial support to these ministries, and act as a liaison between the Good Shepherd congregation and the missionaries we support. We are also committed to providing opportunities for Good Shepherd members to have a personal experience in mission field if they feel called to do so.

For information on mission opportunities available within Good Shepherd, contact Pastor Robin at robinp@gschurch.tv.

Download the Global Outreach Application

Download the Global Outreach Financial Assistance Application

One Child

Through a monthly financial commitment, you can help a child in Haiti or Thailand, chosen by Good Shepherd’s own missionaries, to attend school. Your donation will help meet basic educational needs, including tuition, books, uniforms, transportation, and two meals a day. You and your family will be able to correspond with the child you support financially and through prayer.  By meeting this educational need, you’ll give him or her an opportunity to move beyond poverty into a place of hope.  Your sponsored child will also have the chance to hear about the Word of God and His love through a relationship with our missionaries.

Cost: $35/month for a child in Haiti, $45/month for a child in Thailand. Please consider whether your family can fulfill this commitment for an entire year.  Feel free to partner with another family or even with your life group to support a child. For more information, contact Pastor Robin at robinp@gschurch.tv.


Good Shepherd Church supports 11 different missionaries.  Some are local and some are from other parts of the world.  They are:

Randy & Kathleen McReynolds_ House of Happy Children Orphanage  

Glenn Brown
Grand Junction, CO

Marcel Destine_ Evangelical Mission of Living Water

Marla Moody_CRU

Ford & Beth Wilson _Alliance for Church Progress

Eric Bensen_ House of Victory

Troy Rendleman_ CRU

Stephanie Luke_ CRU

Sonny & Rhea Aparicio_ World Harvest Church

Sam_Life for the Innocent

Contact Pastor Robin Parker at robinp@gschurch.tv for more information about our missionaries in Africa and South East Asia.


The Trinity as Revealed in the Old Testament by Ford Wilson

Knowing God and His attributes and how He saves and answers prayer is foundational to all truth and eternal life.  In his book, The Trinity as Revealed in the Old Testament, Professor Wilson includes three sections that help clarify these truths.  God’s self-revelation in the Old Testament is proved by hundreds of fulfilled prophecies which are enumerated in the book.  Professor Wilson also discusses the eternal personality of the Spirit, how to pray with Trinitarian Resources, Biblical words and phrases twisted by sectarians, the Trinity in the New Testament, and Divine Names given equally to Jehovah and Jesus.


Do You Want to Be Healthy? Your Health is in Your Hands! by Ford and Beth Wilson

Through their book, Do You Want to Be Healthy?  Your Health is in Your Hands!, the Wilsons share what they have learned through suffering, and on the foundation of God’s wisdom and love have seen in natural nutrition, so that we can arrive at an old age without many health problems.  God’s natural foods can aid our bodies in healing themselves, as this well-researched book portrays.  It demonstrates that prevention of sickness is much better than to later try to cure illness.


To purchase either of these books, contact Pastor Robin at robinp@gschurch.tv.