Getting connected at Good Shepherd Church

We think it's a big deal when someone takes a step towards getting connected to community here at Good Shepherd Church. Next Steps is a 4-week experience designed to let us get to know one another better. You'll also discover your gifts and find the best opportunities to use them in one of the ministries of our church. 

Next Steps happens at 10:45 a.m. in Room 140. The four week track repeats every month, so if you miss a week you can pick it up in a future month. You can start at any point. If you are interested in learning more about Next Steps or a Serve Team contact Jon Hummel,

We hope you can join us. If you need Children's Ministry, please reserve your child(ren)'s spot HERE.

// THE STORY 101: A basic introduction to Good Shepherd Church. Hear our story, cultural values, ministry philosophy, and vision for the future. 101 happens the first Sunday of every month. 
// GROW & BELONG 201: To follow Jesus means we grow in relationship with God and others. Learn some of the essential conditions for spiritual growth and how to find a Up | In | Out Group. 201 happens the second Sunday of every month.
// DISCOVER 301: God made each person unique. Discover your distinct personality, strengths, and gifts and find what you were created to do. 301 happens the third Sunday of every month. 
// SERVE TEAM 401: Fulfillment is found in serving on a team for a greater purpose. Learn more about using your gifts and how to be involved in a Serve Team. 401 happens the fourth Sunday of every month.