It’s been a great year so far!  We had the pleasure of hosting our very special missionaries from around the world here in Loveland in February.  They are so precious to Good Shepherd and we all had a fabulous time together!  It seems we never have enough time with them though. Then in April, I took 33 Shepherd-ites with me to serve Pastor Marcel and Haiti. It was a great trip! One of the highlights was our Good Friday service with worship in Creole, French and English!  A glimpse of heaven!

But after months of non-stop stress & way too much busyness, I am sitting.  No…I’m not taking a leave of absence from being the Outreach Pastor at GSC.  I’m not not doing my job. I’m just embracing (after rereading) the thoughts behind Watchman Nee’s little treasure book, “Sit, Walk, Stand”.  By the way-thanks Angie Vincent for leading me to this book!  I have found- and this present time is no exception–that I am ok at walking, fair at standing and I really pitiful at sitting.  Nee breaks down the book of Ephesians to those three little words.  There truly is an abundance of insights into this life as Christians here.

Once again, I am reminded that the things I do aren’t what get me to that place of fellowship with Jesus and the Father.  It’s only Jesus’ blood and the love of the Father that gets me to that place.  His love, goodness and kindness for me leave me undone.  I truly am nothing without His mercy and grace.  Period.  And when I see myself as the Father does, through the blood of His Son, I can sit and know His love for me….despite my failings, what others say about me and all the plans I make & do. I am humbled by and grateful for His love for me!

Pastor Robin

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